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oil spill rescue boat

This craft is all aluminum, including the floor. If you are in the market for the ultimate in stability and unmatched quality this will be the boat for you. We will have many options including canopy tops, seating, etc.

One of our most popular models!


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615 Aluma Sport

Here is the 615 Aluma Sport
from Hotwoods!

This boat has four 12" floats to ensure the ultimate in stability and floatation. The floor is 6' wide and 13 1/2' long. All aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Like all our models it can be equipped with a canopy and bench seat. This particular model shows our all new stereo console. This model will be available with the light kit as shown in the pictures.


Hotwoods Customer Spotlight


Shawn Harders, NE

Shawn recently purchased an Aluma Sport 615
and a trailer along with a Green Mountain grill.
We want to welcome Shawn and his dog aboard
here at Hotwood's.


Watch our trailer assembley video


510  Series All Aluminum Pontoon Boats
Watch a close up tour of the Hotwoods Lil' Sport 510

Excellent for lake front home owners, fishing etc.
Extremely stable and moves in very shallow water

mini pontoon boats

Electric Trolling Motor

We recommend and carry the
Minn-Kota Traxxis trolling motor
with 42" shaft for the 510 series
pontoon boats.
(12 volt 55 lbs thrust)

Relax and enjoy with our 510 series mini pontoon boats. Our four pontoon design makes the
510 series mini pontoon boats one of the most stable on the market. You will enjoy years of
durability with the quality construction of marine grade flooring and heavy duty aluminum.
The light weight design makes it easy for loading and docking.

Optional easy load Shoreland'r® Trailer is available. Whether you power with gas or electric
this pontoon moves with ease in very shallow water, making it a sportsman's dream. It may be
used as a floating recreation center at your favorite lake or pond, for fishing, hunting, swimming,
sunbathing, socializing, or as a job site work platform.

Remember our 510 series pontoon boats can easily be used as a floating dock. Click here for more information!


Click here for Pontoon Boat Accessories,
to find quality Hotwood products

You know you are in good hands when Hotwoods
personally delivers your boat.

Here are Melvin & Martha Green who drove up from
Chaparral, NM to pick up their new Fish N Sport 510.
Congratulations to the Greens on their new purchase.

People ask, "How do I dock my boat with no dock system"?
Many of our customers pull the front up on shore
and tie it off to the bank.

Rodney Martin
Here is Rodney Martin from Holiday, FL. who drove up
to pick up his 615 Aluma Sport Pontoon Boat.
Welcome Aboard from Hotwood's.

Mariner Chair
Click for more information.

We personally deliver our pontoon boats to
 assure complete customer satisfaction.

Click here for Boat Assembly Instructions

Here are 2 boats being delivered to GA on one trailer.
When we ship more than one boat to an area they are shipped like this.
There is minimal assembly required to the boats (mainly just handrails and seats).
Less than 1 hour to do this after you recieve your boat.

This is a customer who needed to haul his boat on top of his truck.

This is one of our avid Kentucky customers loaded up for the day.

William and Linda Carroll in Alba, TX shortly
after they recieved their boat personally delivered
by Kevin and Steve Houtwed.
William was excited to get started
on his new project.

Here is a great new customer who picked thier boat up at our showroom.
Rocky and Sharron Lossaso from Lafayett, CO. with thier grandkids
Dallas Jack Daniels and Mckayla Daniels (and yes, his other Grandfather is Jack Daniels). Rocky and Sharron are the owners of Jonas Bros' taxidermy in
Lafayett, CO. They cannot wait to get home to use thier new Fish N Sport 510.


Negative temps did not stop Michael Finley from traveling from
Comanche, TX to pick up his new boat.

The State of Hawaii’s Division of Aquatic Resources,
Aquatic Invasive Species team has constructed a machine on board a pontoon boat. A underwater vacuum device was mounted on a 12ft pontoon boat, known as the Mechanical Herbivore. This device is field proven on its effectiveness on removing alien algae biomass off our coral reefs. This device will be shipped to the Island of Molokai to remove invasive alien algae from affected coral reef habitats.


As you can see our business is your stability.

Fish-N-Sport 510 shown with 4 rod holders
and seat cushion.

Here is one of our certified welders doing a final check on a
new set of floats ready to come out of the welding fixture.

One more 510 series pontoon being inspected on the
underside before being shipped.

New floats and boats being manufactured in our facility.
We mean business!

Jerry Blake delivering 2 boats to South Carolina. Jerry
is one our valued haulers who is not only dependable,
but you the customer will find him to be the most
helpful and pleasant delivery person you have ever met.

Kenny Aerni and his wife Jeanna, getting ready to deliver
Rich Heinrich his new 816 dock and Fish-N-Sport 510
Pontoon Boat. Kenny and his crew have delivered more boats
for Hotwood's than we can count. He is thorough, honest
and great to work with!

Doug Corman with a nice buck taken around Oak, NE. Doug has been a great inspiration in helping with the development
of our early pontoon line and also many other ideas
throughout the years.

Our second generation 4' x 8' with fiberglass deck back in 1989. This was the inspiration of today's design.

2 New boats on a trailer headed to new
customers in Hill City, South Dakota.

Charles Ferguson of Holyoke, CO is another happy customer. Here is Charles picking up his boat from
our showroom and is now home enjoying his
new Fish-N-Sport.

Dale & Patricia Hellman of Olpe, KS are very happy with their LiL' Sport 510. Personaly delivered by Sarah and
Kristen our Fish N Sport models seen from time to
time in our ads and website.

Rich Heinrich from Hastings, NE has been added to our satisfied customer list.
He purchased the Fish N Sport 510 along with the 816 dock system with a 16' walkway. Rich Lives on Hastings Lake
just on the edge of town. The system we installed for Rich is what we consider the ultimate setup.

Above is the proper way to strap down your boat (front and rear) when transporting on the
road. This is done using one 6' atv strap on the front and the rear, as shown.
Our boats are also widely used by Utility Companies
as work platforms. Click here for more info.
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