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Coming Soon: Spring Loaded Angled Forklift Blade in 52”, 65” And 72”
fork lift blade
fork lift blade

"Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I thank you for a great product. We purchased a forklift mounted snow blade from you about 2 or 3 years ago. I had the blade into action this week after a 19.27” blizzard here in Amarillo, TX. Some areas got only 12” of snow but check out these pictures of what this blade did to the snow drift that was outside our office. This little blade moved the snow so customers could see the front door and have a place to park."

Thanks again!

Randy Westbrook
Stewart & Stevenson
Amarillo, TX, USA

The *NEW* Hotwoods SL-65 Spring Loaded Forklift Blade.

Watch The YouTube Video Now.

SL65 Fork Lift Blade

The Hotwoods SL-65 forklift blade features adjustable skid pads,
a replaceable bit, and all steel construction.


SL65 Fork Lift Blade

The Hotwoods SL-65 forklift blade is designed to be used in situations where curbing, landscaping or uneven ground is an issue.

SL65 Fork LIft Blade close   SL65 Fork Lift Blade side

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Part Number


SL-52 (52")

$1,249.00 +ship

SL-65 (65")
$1,299.00 +ship
SL-72 (72")
$1,399.00 +ship
SL-96 (96")
available soon!

All blades ship common carrier.


SR 52 Forklift Blade

  • Solid Steel Construction.

  • Replaceable Bit.

  • 52" Wide x 15 1/2" Tall.

  • Mounts on all forklifts with up to 5" wide forks.

  • Mounts in less than 2 minutes.


We now offer custom built fork lift blades to fit your specific application.
Contact us to let us know what size you need,
toll free at 1-877-407-8645.

If you currently own a forklift, do not spend another
winter without this accessory.

 Works great for leveling dirt or gravel also.


Why pay for snow removal around your shop or business
all winter when you can utilize your existing machinery.

Both pictures above show blade ready to ship before banding to pallet. This is how you recieve your blade.
Just mount it to your forklift and start using it.

Here is officer Brock Griffith from the US Air Force base in Cheyenne, Wyoming
picking up their new SR96 forklift blade.


NEW!!! SR96 Forklift Blade
For serious snow removal!

forklift blade - snow removal

New SR96 Forklift Blade is 96" wide by 30" tall
and is designed exactly like our regular smaller
forklift blade. Replaceable 3/8" bit. Easy to mount on forklift teeth.
Be ready for the first snow storm!

forklift blade - snow removalforklift blade - snow removal
Can be made to fit any style of forklift teeth. Ships common carrier.

forklift blade - snow removal
If you are needing some serious all terrain work done with a forklift,
this blade will get the job done!

Part Number


SR-52 (52")

$799.00 +ship

SR-65 (65")
$849.00 +ship
SR-72 (72")
$889.00 +ship
SR-96 (96")
$1649.00 +ship

All blades ship common carrier.

forklift blade - snow removal

Here is a SR 96 Forklift Blade mounted on a 5,000 lb. forklift.
This blade is for the serious end user who needs to move a lot of material.

Dan Fintel making one last decal inspection before this SR 96 leaves for Indiana.

Here is a special order 65" Forklift Blade we manufactured for a customer who requested
a 24" tall blade for his application. Note the top side of the blade is extended to make this
blade 24" tall. We can manufacture these for almost any application.
It was also was requested to make the blade powder coat tan.

Scott Renz fitting stiffener bracing to the back side of a SR 96 Forklift Blade.
This blade will be shipped to a new customer in New York state very soon.
Scott has been working in the fab department here for over 15 years.

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today For Any Questions
Or To Order Your Next Forklift Blade.



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