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We Are The Original And Only Manufacturer
Of The Pro-Tatch Hydraulic Wire Winder.

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Hotwoods sturdy line of Wire Winders & accessories.

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*Free Shipping on all Wire Winders and Winder Accessories to 48 states.

*Free shipping to all 48 states on standard category 1-2-3 hydraulic wire winders.
This does not include the Honda Gas powered winder, the high tensel wire winder
or any wire winder accessories ordered separately.

Shipping charges apply on tools & accessories.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
If not completely satisfied, return undamaged within 30 days for full refund!

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*NEW* High Tensile Reel
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Hotwoods Customer Spotlight


This is State Senator Mark Christensen from Imperial, Ne. Mark stopped by to pick up his new Honda gas powered wire winder. Yes that is the back seat of his little Chevrolet that we shoe horned his new winder into!
Mark runs a farming operation in western Nebraska.

Welcome aboard Senator Christensen!


If you have both the Cat-1 (7/8") and Cat-2 (1-1/8")
pins as shown in the photos, it is very easy to
convert the new Pro-Tatch Winder frame from
Cat-1 to Cat-2 mount and back again.

Wire Guide Arm (as shown in photos) is an accessory that can
be added to any new or used 3 point wire winder.

Hydraulic Wire Winder $949.00
Optional Guide Arm $129.00
If you have both the Cat-1 (7/8") and Cat-2 (1-1/8") pins as shown in the photos, it is very easy to convert the Pro-Tatch Winder from Cat-1 to Cat-2 mount and back again. The Pro-Tatch Wire Guide Arm (as shown in photos) is an accessory that can be added to any new or used 3 point wire winder. The guide arm allows the operator to stand on the side of the unit.


The strongest 3pt. wire winders on the market today. Over 16,000 in use world wide.
The ball valve is your variable speed control. Smooth-operating valve allows you to easily select any
speed from fast down to crawl, as well as a complete stop. Wire winder's hydraulic motor provides
ample power for hard jobs like pulling barbed wire through tall grass.
Always regulate speed of this unit from the hydraulics on tractor.
Always plug valve hose into power side of hydraulics.

Don't forget to ask about our new Wire Guide
which can be added to this 3 point wire winder ($129.00).
The Wire Guide can be added to any new or existing
Protatch Wire Winder no matter its age.

The wire guide handle for the winder is designed to be
used from either side of the unit. Just mount the handle on
the side you want to work from. This makes it much more
user-friendly when rolling wire.


This reel is designed for 4 tie wires to assure no spreading of the wire when taken off the cone.
Place these wires on the reel prior to start up. Our products are proven rugged. Long life,
replaceable bushings prevent wear to steel parts. These yellow cone reels are hand spun
from drawing quality steel to assure a lifetime of use. 100% steel construction

View this video to see the ProTatch Wire Winder in action.
****Every farmer needs these in their work truck****
(Small Roll of #9 Wire)
Free wire badge
Free wire badge
Roll has 63' of # 9 soft black wire, weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

These rolls are very handy to keep in your truck around the farm or in the shop.
Easier to handle and store than the old 36" rolls we all had tangled up in the back of
the pickup for years. Thousands of farmers already have these in their pickup, and so should you!

Part Number



$10.00 per roll (plus shipping)


Solid Reels

solid spools
  solid spool
With its 8” center you will not roll the high tensile wire as tight in a small coil when rolling. Capacity is 1 mile of wire. The 4” center standard reel measures 20” in diameter and is designed to be used on any type of wire. It will comfortably hold 1 mile of smooth or 1/2 mile of barbed wire. The 4” mini solid reel is 12” in diameter and is designed to hold smooth or barbed wire. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. All 3 designs are all steel construction and manufactured to last for many years of use. All 3 solid reels shown are UPS shippable.
solid spool

This is our all new 12” mini reel with 4” center tube. This reel measures 12” x 12” with 4” center. It is designed to be used on all Pro-Tatch wire winders just like our other solid reels. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. It can also be used to roll barbed wire as well. Very easy to handle and store. All steel construction to last for years of use. UPS shippable.


Part Number


(4" Mini) NS-1752
$55.00 + shipping

(4" reel) NS-1754

$77.00 + shipping

(8" reel) NS-1758
$82.00 + shipping

All of our winders (excluding the gas powered & high tensile) ship for free, we do not
ship wire winder accessories for free. Please contact us to determine shipping charges
on any accessories that may include such items as solid reels, wire guides or any
extra parts and accessories you may want to order, call 1-877-407-8645.

Optional Arm

hydraulic wire winder hydraulic wire winder
Optional arm designed for unrolling new rolls of wire.
This arm can be added to any Pro-Tatch wire winder.
Easily adapted to ATV's, Pickups, etc.

Part Number



$179.00 + shipping



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