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Portable Aluminum Stairway

Our new portable Anywhere Stairs are the utilmate answer to those hard to get up and down areas.

Manufactured of aluminum for lifetime use they will be offered in 4' and 8' sections
and can be bolted together to make any length you need possible.

As shown they are very easy to handle as here we have 4 men carrying this 16' unit to set in place.

Once they are set in place you simply adjust your step angle to level and it is ready to stake in place.
The stability and rigidity is unmatched with 1 1/2" handrail and manufactured to all code standards
to last you a lifetime. Also available will be all aluminum landings that can be added top, bottom or in the middle
to fit your needs. Remember when you go aluminum you are done for ever. NO MAINTENENCE.

Excellent for industrial, Game and Parks, private lake homes to get down that steep bank safely.
Remember farmers how handy this could be around the farm in so many locations.
We will be offering this same system with legs to help in different rise situations.
Please feel free to call and speak to our sales force about pricing and availability. (Special requests, no problem.)

Stairways are 36" wide. Handrails are 35" tall.
Steps adjust to flat position on any terrain or slope.

Part Number



$1179 +ship

$659 +ship


This customer need the walkway to be adjustable on the stairs.

We designed this one so the walkway can be positioned up and down the stairs as the water levels change. Give us a challenge and
see the results.
Tom and Mary Ann Backus from Lake of the Wood's in Saint Paul, Ne. wanted to go right off their back patio to the lake. That is what Hotwood's did for them as shown in these photo's. We installed a set of anywhere stairs to complete the project. Welcome aboard to the Backus family from Hotwood's.

Here is a good shot of how the Anywhere Stairs can be adapted to any dock system.

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