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Loaded Beaver Snare

Our 6' Loaded Beaver Snare is equipped with a 5/64" - 1x19 loaded loop on one end for speed and durability. The tie off end is 7x7x3/32 aircraft cable with adjustable tie off end. There is a wammy support collar on the loop end for easy supporting.


"The 5/64 1x19 cable end and swivel really cut down the fur damage and aid in animal comfort. i have used this snare for several years and it is by far the best production beaver snare or animal control snare I've used."
~ Phil


Part Number


BEA-12 (12 snares)

$24.00 + ship


See our Beaver Snare in action

by watching our short video highlighting a couple
of quick sets and proper set construction:


Please contact Hotwoods with any questions

Hotwoods #9 Wire

These rolls are very convenient to keep in your truck, around the farm, or in the shop. Easier to handle and store than the old 36" rolls we all had tangled up in the back of the pickup. Very convenient, easy to handle and store. this is the same #9 support wire we use in our trapping video. This wire is what we use to support all of our snares. The small roll is so handy when working in the terrain most problem animals live in. Our customers have been asking for this and here it is.
Roll has 63' of #9 soft black wire,
weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

Part Number



$10.00 per roll


Silver Creek Beaver Lure

The Silver Creek Lure is a castor based lure that really reaches out and makes the beaver investigate out of curiosity or rage. Silver Creek works well all year around and is unbeatable in the spring at castor mounds (as seen in our free beaver trapping video).

Our lure is for the avid trapper out to catch a few beaver for fun, or for the land owner trying to stop beaver damage on their property.

Try a bottle and you will agree,
this stuff really works!

.... .ITEM .... .. PRICE

BEAVL (2oz.)

$10.00 +ship

There are two types of
Silver Creek Beaver Lure available:

Silver Creek Beaver Lure I
Original castor scent, great for curiosity.

Silver Creek Beaver Lure II
Original Silver Creek Beaver Lure
castor scent with ingredients. Works
great as a change up lure.

.... .ITEM .... .. PRICE

BEAVL (2oz.)

$10.00 +ship
Here's a succesful trapper performing beaver control on the Loup River in Central Nebraska. With his knowledge of trapping he had no problem capturing these 40 beaver in one run. With the right equipment and experience, any trapper who takes advis from an avid outdoorsman like this guy can have this type of success if the animals are in the area.
Al Lux with a successful hunt in E. Colorado
beaver customer
Customer Kevin Magro writes:
"First timer ... 6 sets ... 5 beaver. Your system really works!! Thanks."
Our friend, Steve Satra, from the Nebraska
Game and Parks doing what he does best at
the Ponca State Outdoor Show.
Kevin and his friend, Kent Boughton, hunting doves on the Loup River. If there are no doves flying, you can always hold the decoys at the end of the hunt!

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