kevin hotwood

On behalf of everyone here at Hotwood’s, I would like to thank each and every customer who has helped make our company’s dreams a reality. We all know how hard it is to build a great relationship with customers that lasts for years. Our goal is to reach out not only to new customers, but also to take care of our current and past customers as though they just walked through our door for the first time. Since the early days of Hotwood’s, we understand how important it is to create those hard to find working relationships with the customer that result in some great friendships and terrific business deals. When you do business with us, you become a friend and a wonderful asset to all of us here within the company. Our motto has aways been “Never sell a product or service that you would not buy yourself”.

As a college student in 1986, I wanted to start my own business, and I knew I would need to find customers all over the country to be successful. I’ve always thought no matter what is going on in one section of the country that might damper business, there will always be areas outside of that region that are doing great. With that thought process I knew what I wanted. I wanted to build a business that would reach out to customers all over the nation. I figured out early on that you had to go that extra mile to gain someone’s confidence over the phone, you had to perform with everything promised to the customer.

I pride myself in the fact that as a company we do that everyday, and that has been one of most important steps to creating what Hotwood’s has become since my dreaming in a classroom at Kearney State College back in the middle 80’s. I also understand that you will only be as good as the people you surround yourself with when forming a company. I can assure you that our personnel are the same type of people you would want to surround yourself with at any time or event in your life. I will personally guarantee to you, the customer, that we live what we believe. Taking care of each customer and providing products and services that we would want for ourselves.

Always be truthful and honest and the rest is easy. “Welcome aboard”.

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